Satyug Online
In Hindu tradition, the universe is created, destroyed and recreated through an eternally recurring series of mahayugs made of four yugs - Satyug (golden age of truth), Tretayug (silver), Dwaparayug (bronze) and Kaliyug (iron). In the current Kaliyug, dharma has lost three-fourths of its strength. Some interpreters argue that Kaliyug will continue for many more millennia though others conclude that we are already in the transition phase towards Satyug.
Amongst the four eras, the Satya Yuga is the first and the most significant one. Knowledge, meditation, and penance hold special importance in this era. All the pillars of religion are present in totality. The average life expectancy of a human being in Satya Yuga is believed to be over 100,000 years. During Satya Yuga, all people engage only in good. The Satya Yuga also called Sat Yuga, Krta Yuga and Krita Yuga in Hinduism, is the Age or Era of Truth, when mankind is governed by gods, and every manifestation or work is close to the purest ideal and mankind will allow intrinsic goodness to rule supreme. It is sometimes referred to as the "Golden Age."
In Satyug, humanity exists in perfect spiritual unity, peace, truth and love. Sage Suka tells King Parikshit in Srimad Bhagavatam: "In Satyug, dharma had all its four legs - truth, compassion, asceticism and loving service of all creatures."

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